Saturday, 31 January 2009

Barbara Lewis

On February 9, 1943 Barbara Ann Lewis was born in Salem Michigan, a township of South Lyon near Ann Arbor. She began writing songs at the age of nine and started recording as a teenager. Lewis wrote all of the songs on her first LP. Pop-soul was the genere of her crooning style. In 1970 Barbara cut her last album, "The Many Grooves Of Barbara Lewis".
Her newer songs did not make it very far, probably due to a lack of promotion. At that time she discovered that millions of dollars had been witheld from her and she left the music field and worked at a number of occupations.
Upon returning to her music career in 1993 Barbara said: "I did a lot of things in my retirement -- I sold paintings and pillows on the street corner, worked in a pet shop, worked in the flea-market circuit. I was a security guard in a parking lot in Michigan -- I would start work early in the morning, freezing to death, and I decided I would see if I could come back out there again and make it in my music. I realized that I wanted to travel again and I didn't want to die without knowing if I could again. It's been a long climb, it's been a hard climb, but I'm sticking with it."
In an October 2007 interview with Mark Taylor of "A Touch Of Classic Soul", Barb recalls the day that she went back. "I had a little radio in there. I turned it on and I heard one of my songs; I think it was Baby I'm Yours. Something made me call the station. I was in Flint, Michigan. I said: Thank you for playing my song. I'm Barbara Lewis. The next thing I know, he announced it on the radio!"
She recorded the song "Donor" in 1994. The lyrics to it are below.
In 1995, Lewis sings "Baby l'm Yours" on the original soundtrack from the Clint Eastwood\Merle Streep movie "Bridges of Madison County"
"The Stars" video (see below) was shot in 1998 in Los Angeles.
Barbara continues to be active in the music scene and now lives in Florida.

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