Friday, 31 August 2007

Barrow Hill!

I can't believe another month has passed so quickly. Back to Barrow Hill tomorrow night. Hopefully it should be as good as last month, if not better. Everyone should be back from their holidays so we should have a good crowd in. I'm hoping to have a few dances as Mark Hopes usually plays alot of my favourites. Anyway see you there.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Some Of My Favourite Records

I have added some of my favourite records for you to listen to. I hope that you like them. I shall change some of them periodically, (Enjoy). Thanks to atom at soul club.

Sunday, 19 August 2007


Had a good night at Pilsley. I only had a four dances but my two favourite records were played, Looking Up To You - Michael Wycoff and Love Runs Out - Willie Hutch. It was fairly busy and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I'm not sure if I'm out next weekend but the following Saturday is Barrow Hill which I am really looking forward to as the Guest DJ is Mark Hopes, one of my favourites. Hopefully I should get a few dances in that night.

Sunday, 5 August 2007


I was thinking about the olden days and was wondering if anyone remembered going to Crackers on Oxford Street London in the mid 70's? I used to go on a Monday night, it was supposed to be Northern Soul but was mostly Jazz Funk. It was free entry and really enjoyable. Also in the 70's I spent alot of time at the Olde E in Matlock. Did any readers go there? Tuesday and Friday nights were my favourites as they were mainly Northern Soul. We used to get quite a few people from the Nottingham and Sheffield areas. Thanks to the Olde E for my love of Northern Soul. My favourite records in those days were Love You Baby - Eddie Parker, Laws Of Love - The Volcanoes and Wanting You - April Stevens. It was like a dream actually seeing Eddie Parker singing that record at Prestatyn a few years ago.

Great Night!

What a good night at Barrow Hill despite the Guest DJ Little Tony from Rotherham failing to attend. Stuart and Keith both played great spots to componsate. The attendance was good and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, thank you to all who came. Our next night will be September 1st and the Guest DJ is Mark Hopes who is one of my favourites so I can't wait for that. Hope to see you all next month.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

The 1st Saturday of the Month

It's here again, the first Saturday of the month at Barrow Hill. I haven't been out for a couple of weekends so I'm really looking forward to it. With Guest DJ Little Tony from Rotherham we should have a good mix. I'm hoping to hear a few favourites. My top ten hasn't really changed much in the past few years. Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You is still number 1, you can listen to it on this blog. I am trying to convince Stuart and Keith to hold an alldayer at some stage soon. It would be great to have an oldies and modern room, then everyone will be happy. If anyone likes the idea of this please could you put a word in for me. Anyway see you all Saturday, on The Night!