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Rare Northern Soul Experience the Legend

There are only a few occasions in the course of human history when it can be said that the people were completely in charge of their own cultural revolution. No matter what the political or civil agenda was during the late 1960s and early 1970s, looking back on the social norms that were broken, and the unique experiences that were made by people all over the world, you know that kind of time will probably never come again. Because music is so wrapped up in everything that humans do and experience, it's fitting that the rare northern soul records that became popular during this time would be just as special.

In case you're unfamiliar with the rare northern soul music or movement, you should know that it was centred on some of the most talented, albeit unknown Motown artists of the 1960s. When many people hear the word "Motown" the automatically assume that this movement took place in Detroit, or some other famous American city, but this assumption is incorrect. In fact, the northern soul genre was named and developed in England around the time that the mod scene was coming to an end.

Those that were in love with the early Motown sound, an upbeat rhythm and light-hearted feel, resisted the transition to funk and rock that came later on in the Sixties. They began pestering record store owners with requests for more of the original stuff, the rarer the better. As a result, record store owners in the U.K. started referring to this type of music as "rare northern soul," in honour of the customers from the north of England who were most often requesting it. What began as a flippant way to categorize the type of music these customers were likely to buy became the label for a musical movement that spanned multiple decades, and still continues today.

When it came to finding the best rare northern soul, record store owners and disc jockeys really had a difficult job ahead. Instead of merely being able to browse the American charts for the most popular songs and records, they had to look back into the archives for artists and records that had been forgotten or never played. Northern soul enthusiasts to this day still love to find a record that no one else has, or that hasn't been played in many years. There are plenty of collections that regularly sell for high amounts on auction web sites.

Yum Yums Gonna be a big thing - Northern Soul

the cooperettes .. shing -a -ling


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Northern Soul - UK Music and Dance Movement.

Despite the fact that a good number of people relate the memory of soul music as a music style that was only listened to in the United States of America, it's actually important to mention that a lot of countries were caught up with the soul music movement in the 60's and early 1970's. One exclusively large arm of this genre, called northern soul, took place around Europe as a component part of Britains "mod scene." A mix connected with black American soul music sounds along with the heavy beat and quick beat associated with the Tamla Motown sound, that was well known in the mid-1960s, this kind of soul music influenced dancing techniques and clothing that really are still recognizable these days.Like a lot of the musical terminology that was developing throughout this era, the phrase northern soul is said to have been coined in a record store. Dave Godin, a music journalist who wrote a weekly column within the Blues and Soul magazine, is credited with formulating the phrase in the late 1960s, as a easy way to support his clerks so that they could recognize just what type of music to play for customers arriving from northern England. These people were not occupied with the modern funkier sounds playing upon radio in the US. As an alternative, they were searching for the softer, Motown-inspired soul music which in fact had been sought after within the charts a few years earlier.Strangely, the tunes which are now associated with northern soul in hindsight were actually the tunes connected with failure with regard to a good number of budding American music artists. Those that were late in wanting to be a part of the Motown camp picked up that North American audiences were becoming bored of the sultry, soul music that had been popularly accepted just a number of years previous. As American fans changed onto the much more high energy music which would eventually transform into the pop and funk of these days, the devotees of northern UK were holding on to the sweet sounds of original Motown. Performers that were unsuccessful in the United States were quietly heralded as fresh talent in the U.K.

For the longest time, northern soul was kept alive mainly because there were a good deal of these kind of "one hit wonders" for Djs along with clubs to locate repeatedly. While the music was dated, it was fresh and unheard of in the United Kingdom, and folks could not hear enough of it. Having said that, little by little the reserves of soul music sounds were starting to diminish, as musical artists grew to be interested in various other styles. The start of the nineteen eighties almost saw the end of Northern Soul, but as a consequence of the revival of the nineteen seventies mod style, the arrival of the scooterboy subculture along with the popularity associated with the Acid jazz movement, a lot more enthusiasts were created.