Sunday, 5 August 2007


I was thinking about the olden days and was wondering if anyone remembered going to Crackers on Oxford Street London in the mid 70's? I used to go on a Monday night, it was supposed to be Northern Soul but was mostly Jazz Funk. It was free entry and really enjoyable. Also in the 70's I spent alot of time at the Olde E in Matlock. Did any readers go there? Tuesday and Friday nights were my favourites as they were mainly Northern Soul. We used to get quite a few people from the Nottingham and Sheffield areas. Thanks to the Olde E for my love of Northern Soul. My favourite records in those days were Love You Baby - Eddie Parker, Laws Of Love - The Volcanoes and Wanting You - April Stevens. It was like a dream actually seeing Eddie Parker singing that record at Prestatyn a few years ago.


Anonymous said...

Your memory must be failing you , cracker was on Wardour Street , spats and 100 club were on oxford street , I can’t remember any of those club doing northern soul nite , i’ve also checked blue and soul of time and only Monday nite session was 21 on oxford street , Billie’s and whisky go-go clubs if sound lie bit of expert i should be i wasted my youth going to clubs

Cathryn said...

I know it was just off Oxford Street but couldn't remember the actual name of the street, thanks for the reminder. It was 35 years ago so I think I can be excused a little, lol. Especially as I only spent a year in London. The 100 club started about 2 years after I left but my husband used to go there often.