Thursday, 25 January 2007

Welcome to my world of soul

I persume everyone taking a look at my blog are soul fans. I have been a devoted fan since the seventies. After more than thirty years I still feel the same excitement, listening and dancing to my favourite records and also hearing others for the first time. It's extremely hard to pick a top ten and I have to admit that mine has changed to a certain extent over the years, with a few exceptions. Anyway I'll try and form one.

Looking Up To You - Michael Wycoff
When Love Runs Out - Willie Hutch
You And Me - Sean Oliver
Lend A Hand -Bobby Hutton
The Laws Of Love - The Volcanos
Back Together - Hard Soul
Too Late - Mandrill
Aint That Good Enough - Garland Green
Make My Dreams A Reality - GQ
I'm So Glad - George Perkins

Help! That was really difficult. Can't wait to hear your top ten.

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